We are open!

Free Range Humans is grateful for the generosity of our dedicated donors. Your support has enabled us to open our doors, and with your continued support, we hope to serve the Frederick community for many years to come.

Art comes alive in our creator-based classes for all ages and skill levels!

Free Range Kids’ new venue in the FSK Mall uses hospital-grade Merv-13 HEPA filters in our HVAC system, which vents our storefront directly outside, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air. Our students and teachers are required to wear masks and follow stringent sanitation guidelines, and we offer a generous refund policy for missed classes. See our “Safety” page for more about protocols, and if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

One more thing. If you can pay full price, awesome, you’ll help us stick around for hopefully a very long time, and if you want to help someone else attend too, consider adding a donation on top of your order. We are a non-profit 501c3 corporation.

If you need a little break, use code PANDISCOUNT at checkout for 30% off your order. We’ll be happy to have your company.

If you can’t afford it right now, send me an email to eal@freerangeworld.com and if a class runs and we have room, or if someone has made a scholarship donation, we’ll invite you to join us.


Starting in September

Starting in October/November

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What do our class categories mean?
A SKILLS class micro focuses on improving a specific ability, such as acting or circus arts.
In a PRODUCTION class, students learn by making something they can show off, such as a podcast or a performance.
The SCHOOL NEEDS series addresses a curricular or practical need through a fun performing arts lens, such as a guided learning enviroment for public remote school or a combined Art/Music/PE class.
A PROCESS class engages students collaboratively to break down how things get made and put them back together with the student’s voice. We’re doing that this semester with curriculum produced by both the LION KING and HAMILTON creators.