About Us


Free Range Humans redefines the limits of theatrical experience by immersing audiences and participants in stories and locations that fire the imagination, celebrate the human search for meaning, and awaken our sense of communal storytelling through exhilarating productions and inspirational creator-based performing arts education accessible to all.


Free Range Kids enables Young artists, creative thinkers, and leaders to find and elevate their unique voices and skills

The Free Range Kids educational program:

  • Grounds itself in storytelling, empathy, and humanizing others
  • Welcomes all racial and cultural backgrounds, practices color conscious casting, and provides students with equal opportunity
  • Honors all gender identities and chooses class material that allows for a range of expression
  • Respects personal and religious boundaries when choosing costumes
  • Includes historical context for all disciplines
  • Offers opportunities for students to create and share their unique voices using what they’ve learned
  • Encourages students to explore, experiment, and contribute to the full picture of what it means to make performing arts happen



Elizabeth Lucas is an accomplished and award-winning director, producer, and serial creative entrepreneur currently launching the new company Free Range Humans, producing story-driven immersive entertainment, from site specific theatre to virtual reality, and its educational program Free Range Kids. Elizabeth has been warmly reviewed by the New York Times for her musical theatre directing and original narratives, working with Tony-winning talent and Broadway writers from Maryland to Alaska. She has most enjoyed directing new musicals and loves helping emerging writers and artists find their voice. Elizabeth has also made three award-winning feature films, genre movies about New York City past, present and future. Elizabeth lives in New Market with her twin 9-year-olds, her puppy, her rabbit, and four tadpoles who will hopefully become frogs very soon. You can read more about her at elizabethlucas.com.

Free Range Humans is grateful for the generosity of our dedicated donors. Your support has enabled us to open our doors, and with your continued support, we hope to serve the Frederick community for many years to come.

Special Thanks To:

The Nora Roberts Foundation
The Frederick County Jump Start Grant
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