Here’s what we’re doing to keep your kids, and our kids, safe during the pandemic:

    • Our unit at the Francis Scott Key Mall has two rooftop HVAC systems that serve only our space. These units vent to fresh outside air, ensuring our air is not shared with any potentially contaminated spaces.
    • We are adding hospital-grade Merv-13 HEPA filters to our air ducts to ensure best-in-class air filtration.
    • The room capacity is 250, but we’ll be limiting class sizes to 16 at the most to accommodate social distancing.
    • Masks and/or face shields will be required for both instructors and participants.
    • All teacher and participant temperatures will be taken upon arrival with a touchless thermometer.
    • Where physical materials are required for a class, students will receive dedicated supplies and storage areas.
    • We have a dedicated in-store restroom.
    • We will clean all high touch areas between each class and allow sufficient time for fresh air to cycle through.
    • We will make hand sanitizer, soap, and spare masks available throughout the venue.
    • All classes will require advance registration and we use touchless check-in.
    • Access to our venue is through an automatic door that does not require touch.
    • Showcases at the end of the semester will be streamed for families to celebrate their students’ accomplishments.
    • Additional policies and contingencies are listed under individual classes.


If you need to miss a class for any reason, we will refund that class pro rata, no questions asked.

Any class that is cancelled will be immediately refunded.

You will have the option to receive a refund for any class that moves online due to the pandemic. 

Do not come in to class if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick.

Where possible, if you cannot attend a class in person, we will stream that class online for you. See individual classes for streaming policies.